Paco de Lucía. Entre 20 Aguas

Entre 20 Aguas is a tribute album to flamenco artist Paco de Lucía. Produced by Javier Limón, the album features more than 20 musical artists who, for one reason or another, were touched by the influence of this great musician. We were asked to create the cover and interior concept for this piece with two things in mind: First, this was not a Paco de Lucía album, but an album dedicated to his memory. Second, it was important to remain faithful to sentimental and poetic nature of the tribute. Our solution was to use water to form the silhouette of Paco de Lucía, one of the most recognizable in Spanish music, thus creating a specific, recognizable shape but from a medium as indomitable as water. The idea was to do it in a real and analogical way to stay faithful to the purity and the natural, patient spirit of his music and how he worked. It is both an ode of mourning for the death of this great artist and a celebration of his art. Photography: Roc Canals

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